Masteroppgaven min. Meningen bak prosjektet var å se om jeg kunne endre folk sine perspektiv ved bruk av visuell kommunikasjon. For å fokusere prosjektet ville jeg bruke ett tema. Jeg valgte ett tema jeg vet mange ser på som kontroversielt, for å provosere respons. Tema mitt var: hvilken påvirkning har kostholdet vårt på miljø? For å ha ett stort publikum valgte jeg sosiale medier som mitt platform. Navnet for oppgaven og SoMe brukerene ble «Combat Climate Change».



Everyone’s ditching palm oil for its 26 million acres of rainforest devastation, but are you aware of livestock and their feed crops are responsible for 136 million acres of rain forest devastation, that’s over 5 times more deforestation!


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Raising animals for food is responsible for 55% of US water consumption. Compared to 5% domestic consumption.


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Animal agriculture produces about 130 times more waste than humans.


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An apple is a low-carbon food wherever they come from. Here is the different CO2e emissions from different types of apples. So where possible, buy local and seasonal food!


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It takes 1000 litres water to produce 1 litre milk! That’s insane! Why not just drink the water?


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Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land.


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To produce one pound of animal protein vs. one pound of soy protein, it takes about 12 times as much land, 13 times as much fossil fuel, and 15 times as much water.


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It takes 2270 liters of water to make one 150g beef burger, the equivalent to 20 showers of 8 minutes in a average water usage shower!


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Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction.


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It takes 52 gallons of water to produce 1 egg.


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